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I love this game. I’ve been playing video games since I was 2 years old. I don’t think any of the professional games have ever made me like them this much. Move over Mario and Sonic, there’s a better game on the horizon.

Silver:Line is sooo good! I never like to cough up money. I always just download free mobile games or demos. But, I really want this game to be fully developed. So I’m willing to pay money. 

I just love this game so much. I loved the characters, story, interactions, voice actors/actresses and beautiful graphics. Please, pretty please, do finish the game some day. I don’t care how long it takes. I will patiently wait. 

Well, hopefully it'll still be available. I mean, I LOVE it so much! So if you guys only make it available in French. Then, I'll still continue playing it. I'll just have to use google translator. Since the only French person I know is this man who is dating a cousin I hardly know. So yeah... I'll just stick with google translator.

I love this game so much! I want to get together with John. He’s sooooooo hot! I love him.


I ❤️ this game! It’s so much fun. 


Quick question, though. Is there a New Game option? Like if you want to change your character’s appearance and start a brand new game? 

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OMG! (๑>◡<๑)

Thank you! Thank all of you for making this game. I absolutely love it! It’s awesome. Just awesome. I can hardly wait for the next update. 

I ❤️ this game!