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Fun little romp. Though I noticed that some levels, like the first ice block level, don't seem to be possible in reverse. Not like that's a big deal though.

Truly the Darkmount of Covemounts. This one took me days on and off and even considered skipping this one. Personally, I'm glad I went through with it, because this one was really satisfying. Despite the depth of the coding mechanics, it still felt like there was a clean intended solution to every puzzle and it genuinely felt like my brain unlocked every time I beat a level.

Oh no, Monty got into advertisement.

Not gonna lie, I think Codemount ruined my brain because I took way too long on this one, especially the four button level.

I also noticed there's direction priority, which (I believe) is left>up>down>right.

Not gonna lie, this one took me way too long, but it was definitely satisfying. The only thing I feel was a missed opportunity was not having a level where you could place Covemonty as an object.

Im Winz, yo!

The puzzles were definitely on the simpler side this time, but the puzzle design led to some really satisfying solves. I might show this one to my family.

I feel like this would be a sick game for the people who are really good at Tetris.

I am not one of those people.

funni vinsauce reference

Couldn't think of anything clever, so here's a satisfying pattern instead.

I'm going to name them Winston and Winifred.

Overall, not as gimmicky as the other ones, but I definitely got pretty stumped at times.

Whoever Ron is, I'm happy for him.

Best Ending

Corrypt mechanics, my beloved!

Not bad. It reminds me of an old game by (I think) the Grow Cube dev. I forget the name of it.

This might be one of my favourite covemount-likes yet. Nabogorf and Mountinuum were also great but I like how surprisingly versatile the mechanics are and how you gradually learn new rules as you progress.

I think I might've even solved some puzzles outside the intended solution, unless there were some red herrings. That said, the solutions I came up with felt so elegant that I wouldn't want them to be changed.