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Great game, smooth gameplay although it occasionally bugged out at the end of the clips. Would love an extended version and would make a great jack-a-box style quiz!

Takes me back! Loved how the wee spacedudes on the right would disappear once you were hit and you had to collect them again! Would love to see a more in depth game.

Loved the sassy sat nav, wasnt sure if it was right or wrong so couldnt judge accurately and had me going around in circles! Great fit to the theme!

I loved the premise and think it fit the theme well, would love to see this developed further into a full game - especially to see how each story develops or could even see it as a jack-a-box esqe game. Love it!

The fast time quizzes were great to keep me on my toes, took me a while to get going (thought I had lost the game at the start before the disguise!) before i managed to get into a pen and slaughter them all! Neep neep!

Loved the design and aesthetic, innovative gameplay which could be developed further for a really deep and rich puzzle game! Would love to see a longer game of this!

Love the aesthetic and feel of this game! Managed to get to the princess at the end but took a little bit of playing about - still no idea what the magnifying glass is for! Would love to see a full game of this or more in depth!

Nice mechanic, love the silouettes but also that the guy is stilll moving forward before going backward also! I can see how time banana could be very a-peelling (pun intended!)

It's only because my first job was in a pet shop - and you would be surprised how common it is! Still amazing that it was done in less than 6 hours including artwork and controls! 

Im not a loser! :< - Fantastic game and great art style, loved the wee BB-ATE especially the rolling mechanic. Brb, need to get to the end!

Loved the premise and amazing that this was done in less than 6 hours! Loved the no going back mechanic as it really made me sit and think - of which time was running out!

Love the concept and could really see this being developed into a full blown game - amazing that this was done in under 6 hours! Not sure where the time element comes into it though - maybe have a timer on the levels to link this?

Very.... interesting! Love the mechanic and amazing this was made in less than 6 hours. Maybe a little PSA about coprophagia might be enlightening also?

Very interesting premise! Could definitely see this as a horror game to stop the alarm from alerting someone (or something)!

Awesome premise, Amazing that this was only created in less than 6 hours! Would love to see a more fully fleshed out game with this mechanic - like a time thief type game!

So good! Great artworks and animation and loved the jokes! The music and SFX were greatly placed. Loved the concept also!

Loved the concept, very smooth graphics and falling animation. If could play a bit longer, would keep me engaged for ages!

Loved this game! Loved the animations and the mechanics, the angry vision once they get back up and the game itself! SO, so fun!

Great wee platformer, jumping was quite smooth and reaching the end of a level was satifying, and especially interesting with the different stories to follow.

Loved the variety of mechanics and how well they worked! The SFX really added to the different functions you could do!

Loved this game, such a variety of different games so it was fun picking which ones I was good at! Loved the artwork and the controls were so smooth!

Loved the models and artwork, after the turtorial I felt like I was in an elevator going up then the walls coming down and it felt great! Doesnt work well for directing spells unless fullscreen.

Loved the art and the idea, great frustrating game mechanics that felt so achieving when you reached the end of a level!

I liked the lighting and artwork although a dim global light would have been nice for navigating, but defintely got goosebumps wandering around in the dark!

Love the concept, I especially like the music when you get the right answer!

The artwork is amazing and really stands out, love the drifting mechanics! I also really like the idea of the maze game when buried by the avalanche! Very nice!

Sorry Dunny - No sound options!