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Too much plans? yes. Personally I don't get THAT bad but i find out the most effective way to write a note reminder for myself is to scribble directly on my hand with permanent marker because when i come back home I will always see my hand.

The definition of luck lmaoo 

My inner gambling goblin can't stop playing this game with high stakes. Am addicted T=T

just shift teleport directly to it, your tp damages the enemy

Great game. Really felt like I'm cooking irl lmao. I like how meat cooks longer bread cooks faster etc cuz it makes it feel more real. Not to mention how it cooks even faster if you are on the fire. Really fun.

Tried to make it look decent lol. I immediately lost after screenshotting XD.

omg i stan the writer and the overlord lmaooo

You dastardly dev, I tried several times and fell flat until I thought of celeste downwards dash, and was unpleasantly surprised it works. Immediately gave me farewell PTSD in which I still haven't completed the very last  room to this day. Very good game though, I enjoyed it.

a 3 second timer before game starts would be nice

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tips to obliterate the boss faster : 
1. go to the right side of the screen
2. point your gun at the iron door
3. spam k and x before the boss hops in AND during the boss animation

4. profit

Good game but the color of the rhythm and the background almost matches it's almost hard to see what's going on. 

heHhEH I found the surf ability, it's somewhere in the deeps but you gotta parkour over a small lake or summtin. Double jump, orca flip, wall climb and dash ability is godly when you know how to use it I climbed all walls and met all possible ceilings with it.

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the game crashes a few times because I spammed r (restart) lmao

damn trying to get to 3 second is hard