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it is on the app store

this is allone person their isnt a team developing this is a magnificent solo endeavor

ETA on update possibly?

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ah there just hasnt been a public update that ive seen it in yet is that part of the update 2.5 (coming soon hopefully love this game)

have you entertained the idea of making the core block larger ?(2x2 or 3x3)

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do you not pay attention to the log he has updated every 5-20 days he updates pretty consistently also i was wanting to know from the creator not some random person gestimating (after reading back i realized that this might have came across as being a dick sorry i did not mean it that way)

how long do you think it will take you to get to version 3.0

hi i think you might be right that this is an awsome game being made

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are you planning on possibly making the core (what your protecting) bigger possibly a 3x3 with armored corners or a 4x4 so you could input from two conveyors from any side to get a higher through put. Also have you entertained the idea of doing underground belts from factorio