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cool! i would love a write up on how it works! I did something similar (quest tree) and am curious on different approaches.

looks neat! a bit slow sometimes

Last year I worked on procedurally generating quests ( ). This year maybe I can motivate to do some iteration on it, and make it a bit better! Renew the old procjam entry! 🤣

thanks for the ideas! 

My next steps was to try to generate a history or world (factions, leaders, tensions) and try to build the quest off of that. My hope is that I can use that to build a narrative out of the quest tree, and maybe unveil subquests incrementally.

Hi Jupiter,

I admit I had some trouble exporting during the jam. I think I might have gotten it this time! Please let me know. I also added an explainer popup to show how to fly around, as it is not that intuitive. 

weird, what version of Godot do you hab

I think I failed on explaining the movement system. You steer by changing altitude, and wind direction changes in a clockwise direction with altitude (this is actually how you steer hot air balloons)!

The little flag at the top of the balloon points in the direction of your current wind.

The big floating green arrow pointa to the next gate.

Sadly the flamethrower does not influence your position..

Oh, sorry about that. I don't have windows to test one, but I will try to re-export. 

The source  project can also be run.