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well, there's a support button...

Maybe one day you'll make a power transformer generator? Asking for a friend.

Different pathfinding algorithms is how ghosts in Pac-Man work too.

I'm so bad at this game, and I wish power-ups appeared a bit more often and earlier, but I absolutely LOVE the aesthetic, how it feels, how it looks, how it sounds!

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I'm occasionally adding new sets of words to it, if you have suggestions, feel free to drop them in comments.

Absolutely loved the game, although it's a tad bit too tough for a relaxing game (no idea how to finish the last two levels on Normal or Hard difficulty).
I've also discovered that there's a way to manually set things on fire!

I can't seem to either download the file or play in browser...

Such a pretty game! Love the architecture and interior design especially. Wish it had a photomode or a first person screenshot button though.

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Thanks Jupiter! A long-time fan of your work by the way!

Thanks! Did you manage to score 10 points? I've updated the game here a few times, so it shouldn't be too hard now, hopefully.

All the credit goes to!

Love this! There are similar themes in my own entry (which is way way more primitive and isn't a game, though).

@Jupiter Thanks! You are doing a great job covering indie games (and non-games)!

Yeah, it's the whole point of it - you can't really win.

Loved it!

Apparently it's about a certain subset of gamers (hence the TM), and thanks!