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...OR I could just read the manual and look at the elaborate examples that came with this...

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Ok I feel a little *slow* about this but I need to ask: how would I approach the problem of different block sizes?

Like the 2x2 blocks or the 2x1 and 1x2 blocks present in this tileset:

My first approach would be to use a different brush color for these blocks but I'm curious if someone has a better idea.


This is one of your best assets!

Instant buy for me! 

Whether you decide to expand on this or not, here's some ideas:

  • crouching
  • sliding
  • wall sliding
  • wall jumping
  • ledge grabbing
  • upward/diagonal aiming-shooting
  • shooting while in air

Thanks for making these assets. I really dig them and the whole warped series is fantastic.

Hey there! Just so you know, I had the same issue with the latest version and I fixed it replacing all files from the ZIP in the link above. Thanks

Sci-fi metroidvania?! I’m all for it! please keep ‘em coming - I LOVE sci-fi / deep inner planet  / bio-mechanical environments!

Awesome indeed!

I’m a sucker for metroid stuff... I can’t help it :D

I’m a big fan of your assets. The metroid-like stuff is great! Keep ‘em coming. It’s really good stuff. These are perfect time saver for many prototypes and projects indeed. Thank you.

Awesome! Thanks again!

It's all about a semicolon; I code mostly without them (probably due to my python background).

Here's a video showing the behavior (I edit a "show_debug_message" but the live-changes are picked up based upon the presence or absence of a semicolon a bunch of lines before). Took me some time to figure this out, sorry.

Is this something I have to keep in mind and just start using semicolons?

Thank you

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Hello everyone,
I'm having issues using this extension in the Draw GUI event. It works perfectly in the Step Event and the Draw Event. Any idea?

(btw this thing is revolutionary!)