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So glad to see the Spirit Squad is back in full force!

we're SO back

Really good stuff! Can't wait for the next update <3

Ken is straight.

Freak accidents like that are unprecedented and there's no way to know what the issue is in this scenario. Apologies.

Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed reading about Hiro. Without spoiling anything about the narrative, there is some general fuckery with what Grey is perceiving and the way these characters are portrayed. Hiro is a character who's taken many measures to be seen as male by his peers, so you can interpret his current state however you want. What was important was portraying a character who has found a way to express his sexuality without being ashamed. and for Grey to reciprocate. Hope that helped!

What version?

its a cowboys/indians thing since he's native, but if you want it to be Mitski it is!

get good lol

the game indeed does has NSFW

can you be more specific and show examples?

no, it's not a bug.


Congrats on the new game! Looking forward to the next BTH update <3


The main influences are Silent Hill and David Lynch films

"To be continued" means the story will be continued, obviously. No routes are currently finished.

The untranslated parts are intentional and are supposed to put you in Grey's shoes! Glad you're enjoying the game

It's never been an issue before. All the music used are original recordings

You can find most of the original tracks for the game here:

Hello, this error occurred because you have the music channel muted! The scene will play normally if you uncheck that preference and keep the volume at zero, however we recommend you play Burrows with the sound and music on as some scenes will make no sense or be pointless without any audio.

yes,  your saves will still be active in the new download.

girl bye

If you check the patreon tiers, the wait time for new builds going public is now 2 weeks.

it is still in progress with regular updates!


Ahhh okay. We  format andorid builds primarily for phones, so that might explain the orientation issues

It's probably your screen resolution. What model?

What platform are you playing this on?

It is not currently possible to play our game on iPhones as it requires being uploaded to the apple app store which doesn't allow adult games. You can play it via windows, IOS, linux or android.

this sunday!

Possibly in the future!

not yet

10/10 would recommend to anyone with taste

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This is a HORROR game first and foremost. If you only play it for the porn and base your expectations on that alone, you were destined to be disappointed from the jump. I don't owe anyone an explanation about my character's personal information until it's established in the text

Maybe dont make assumptions based on appearance- either with games or real life.


Well this comment thread has at least one dick in it. Unfortunately, it's you.

I am literally italian lmao