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It's basically just a bowling game but the place transformed into something very eerie. I totally like the idea.

I like this game, very cute and funny.

I like it. straight-forward and the atmosphere is very creepy.

This was my childhood worst nightmare. Good concept! I must say really scary!

I love it! It's very unsettling. Great job!

I can't read the text properly, I'm not sure if it's just in my pc but the game was really scary. Good job!

Such an interesting concept. I'm intrigued about the other static.

I wanted more! Please do more chapter of this

Funny game but the ending is kinda sad.

I enjoyed it! I also like the humor at the end. 

Cool game! I just hope that there's an easy way to rotate the board when holding them.

I love this game! 

I love this short and scary game. It reminded me of those times when I have to close the garage door or basement and I have to sprint my way to my room.

short and scary. Great job!

it's a bowling game

...with some scary elements

I had fun playing this game

I got 2 endings. Nice game, short and sweet.

Love it! Thanks for the experience!

Not sure if I fully understood the story but this is a good game.

Gorgeous and relaxing experience. Thank you!!

Good concept!

Love the visual and the story!

This is so addictive! Make more of this please.

I don't think i've seen a communist/riot game before. I love it!

Wow! That was so dark and sad. Well executed game.

Short but it was really good!

Unexpected! Good game!

I like the concept. 

One of the scariest side-scroller game I've ever played!

I had so much fun playing this game!

I enjoyed playing the game.

couldn't beat the game lol

Really good one!

I love the ambience and the graphics, atmosphere fits my taste.

Cool concept. I enjoy the humor of the guy in the speaker.

I love it! 


Surprisingly good! I didn't expect that

Short but I enjoyed it