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I feel stupid right now. I always were checking the versions, but my dude updated faster than I expected and he was silent about that. So my version of plugin was 1.0.2, his 1.0.3. After upgrade seems like project is not broken. I am sorry for spamming you.

this is not legal probably, but I can give you the s1 license. 

Also I can create a project file that my dude will open on windows machine and save it there. Then I will be able provide the broken file. Or Working version and broken. So you will be able maybe to somehow get more information from the plugin.

Versions of plugin might be the same, but I'll check.

I think the problem can be in path to a kick file. IF "store sample in project" is not set, then plugin maybe trying to follow windows paths and then freezes.


we bought nimble kick, we use same environments, but the only difference is that I use mac, other guy windows. When I start the project and save it then he can open it from his machine. But when he will press the save button and everything will be synced back to the cloud and I'll try to open the project then it will stuck. The only way how this can be "fixed" is that I will need to remove the nimble plugin, open the Studio One. DAW will say that plugin is missing and will open everything without it. Then I will need to replace all Nimble instruments with some other VST, save everything. Then I am closing DAW, installing nimble back again and then I can open the project and replace the VSTs back to Nimble. It will work until colleague will do his thing again. Is there any chance that this will be fixed? Because it is annoying, we loose all the settings of plugins all the time and this "bug" is drinking my blood all the time.

DAW: latest Studio One

Nimble: latest version

We have fully mirrored setups on Mac and PC, all plugins, and stuff is paid, so nothing is cracked.