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Is there a discord or anything like that? Also, is there only one theme?

I tired and it is way less challenging that way

That part is luck, but you can pause the rotation to try to react to the color. It would be too easy if you knew the next color 

That's a neat idea! Thanks for the inspiration! 

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The merge increases the possible high score count and while luck is involved, you can also use the pause rotation mechanic to eliminate some of the luck involved. Thank you for the comment about the cover art too lol

Thank you. What I realized is that these types of games have a finite high score to them because you can't get more pins in, so merging the pins was my first idea to this problem. 

Thank you for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed!

thank you so much. if you have any feedback at all please tell me. Always looking to improve.

Yeah, i thought about that, but i decided against it because i wanted people to use the mechanic of pausing rotations to check the color and then continue. Makes the game a bit harder

Yeah, but you can pause the rotation. It would be too easy if you see what color pin it is. It was a strategy decision 

No, not that

Laggy was a bad descriptor. It moved very jaggedly making it appear weird. 

The game is great. I loved the voice overs. The camera was very laggy and I missed most of the visuals due to it (For anyone wondering, it is not a computer issue as my computer is very good at running graphics and all that jazz). The camera moved way too much and as probably the thing that made me rate as I did. Another issue was the particle system. Very over done in my opinion, however I loved the graphics. Otherwise great game, I could definitely see this as a full release in the future. 

I might update it, not sure. I wish I had more time for audio, menus and an ending, but otherwise, solid game

Yeah, I wish I had more time, but considering the time I spent, every solid game!

Thank you for the feedback. We really need to look into the game design behind the minigames as that is the area were we were lacking!

ok! Will look into it. 

With more time, I could make a way better game. I know that, but for the time I had, I am super happy!

what level was that?

Yeah, the invisible blocks were a pain. Sorry about that. I did not have time for audio and the ending. Might make an after jam update. 

I liked the game a lot. Just some feedback: the hitboxes were messed up. That has to be fixed. The inverting of the colors hurts my eyes/brain a lot. (I am not usually like this, I work in theater lol, but this gave me a headache)  I wish the player movement was a bit smoother, but otherwise great game!

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Thank you so much! I see a lot of polish being added but considering the time I had and the fact that just 2 hours before I started this I submitted another game to another jam (HAGJ 4 if you want to check it out), I am really proud. 

Check out my game. I am super proud of it because I made it in a less than 12 hour period all by myself. Has some areas in need of improvement cough cough AUDIO but overall, it exceeded my exceptions of what I can do in so little time. 

Nice game. Not sure how it fits into the theme, but I like it none the less. 

Thank you for the feedback. I can't speak on the art stuff, that was all our amazing artist Tuile, but I know how much work she put in to make sure the attention to detail was there in terms of art. She was also our writer as she came up with the idea the Cook could not be understood by the player because they are (for lack of better term) from a different world. The minigames part was something we struggled a lot with. For one, we were planning on having a lot more, but some where cut due to time constraints. On there own the minigames are easy, so we thought having the amount of objects required be higher would increase difficulty.  That is something to note, more work does not make it more challenging/fun. In terms of the music, we had a lot more music (heck we even had a whole music game in the works),  but we did not have the time to put it all in. I am really glad you enjoyed it, all that goes to our composer Jacob. I like your idea with the itch page. Will look into it. 

Yeah, it's part of the game. Keep both goals up for the amount of time on the timer. 

I had a few ideas on the ending but ultimately did not have time. I started this game around 8pm est, went to sleep around 10 pm, got up at 9 am and summited it around noon the next day. I wish I could have made a few more levels, but in the end, I think for the amount of time I had, it came out decent. I wanted the last few levels to have a character that was a combination of both souls in a new combined world, but I did not have the time. I also wanted the levels to be harder, with more puzzles, but it ultimately did not come out as planned. For the amount of time I had, I think I did a good job.

Hey everyone! Thank you for taking a look at this game! I only had about 12 hours to make this due to my participation in another jam and I can see a lot of areas where this game is lacking. **cough cough** AUDIO.... If you have a chance to play the game, please leave some feedback on it! Anything is really appreciated. 

Thank you for your feedback. While I disagree with you on the Thematic Relevancy part, I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you for spending your time writing out all of this. Will take it into consideration for the next game I make!

Thank you! We really appreciate the feedback!

The counter probably stopped because water was not being given to Cook, or the fire went out. Thank you for the feedback!

Really love the asset pack, but not all the animations are the same size. For the sprite sheet, which ones are supposed to be which? Like what's idle, run, slide, and so forth. 

Thank you so much! I agree with the friction idea! thanks for all the tips

Thank you! I wrote all the bugs I encountered on the itch page, but I really should have just pushed through a bit! Thanks for all the tips and for hosting such a great jam!

Thank you! I wrote all the bugs I encountered on the itch page, but I really should have just pushed through a bit! Thanks for all the tips and for hosting such a great jam!

Thanks for the tips, will look into it!

Yeah, I need to work on that! Not the best at creating UI so I'm lucky I managed to even figure that out! lol

Thank you so much. The bugs were a problem, so instead of hiding them, I picked to embrace them. Probably better to do so anyway. The audio for the animals is a bit too much.... should have lowered it a lot. The growth part was supposed to be like the growing world (more and more things happen at each level) and the growth in diffulity of the puzzles. Glad you enjoyed and thanks so much for the tips! 

Thank you for all the ideas. I wanted to fix the gaps and the colliders, but I didn't have time. Thank you for all the tips! Will use them for next time.