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This was super cute, hoping to see more content by you!!!

This game is adorable. Glad I got the chance to play this one! 

This game is a little too tricky as a solo player, but worth a go. 

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Definately needs a little bit of tweaking, but looking forward to playing again when it has been!

Really enjoyed this game. But there isn't much indication on how to get a new bulb. 

This game is freaking adorable! 

You have a great base idea for this game, I'm really hoping you get more added to it soon!

Really liked this, wonderfully difficult

This game is super fun! 

I really enjoyed your game, if you're looking for a playthrough, here is my link. Keep up the great work and can't wait for the update!! 

I really enjoyed your game, here is the playthrough if you're interested. Looking forward to any other games made my you!

I absolutely adore this game. Here is the gameplay if you're interested, but really this is a great game and I hope you will be creating more in the future!

What platform is this one for? Thanks! :)

I'm good at breaking things!

Sooooo I broke it.... 

This is a really cute game, however there is a glitch. After you go through the little scene with Celeste, your sprite vanishes and doesn't appear again. It won't appear after trying to open the save file either, so not sure what is happening there. But here is the video if you're interested in looking it over. 

Also.... Omg Jacksepticeye and Markiplier!!!!!!! *Squeal*

This is an amazing game, I'm really looking forward to the next installment and am planning to show that one off as well. Here is my playthrough for you guys to see if you're interested. Nik <3