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I loved the 8 bit aesthetic and thought the game was really fun

I thought the animations were really good and the stages were really good. However, it felt slow and not responsive to what I wanted to do.

I overall enjoyed my experience with the game and thought the ending was cool. However, there is the issue with it freezing

It was a really fun experience and the sound effects are a nice touch. It captured the 1 more run feeling

this game was really fun to play (minus a bug) and the idea for this game is great

it was an enjoyable 1 minute experience, but it did get a bit mindless towards the end (as there are no real decisions to be made). I also didn’t understand what the relation to the theme was. The music and sound effects are really good

This game is great! It is really fun and engaging to play and attempt to beat (I currently have a high score of 300) and I love the concept!

The game seems really fun to play with another person. The controls feels a bit slippery (for instance, it is very hard to get through the initial door) but overall the concept is great.

This game is pretty good! It gave me a bunch of interesting puzzles to solve and the time limit makes the game feel so tense. I would suggest make the sword movement come back to the player faster as I often found the sword stuck somewhere but that's about it.

This is a really great jam entry! The game feels great, the AI is very responsive to what I do, and it plays very well. The archer doesn't seem like it actually fires and the game does eventually get repetitive so some more units would be nice but those are my only complaints.

This game is really good and really addicting.  The puzzles are very thought-provoking and the execution is almost flawless.