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Даже стало после игры как то грустно...( Эффект криповый VHS создаёт отличную атмосферу.

I liked this novel! There is a good script, melodies and unusual backgrounds, sprites. I also liked the characters) I wish you good luck in future projects!

Thank you so much for the game! I loved it. Best of luck in developing the next parts of Slendrina!

Hi! To be honest, I really liked the game. Despite the fact that it is simple, I see potential in this project. It was funny to find an Easter egg from the "Super Mario Bros" universe. As for the melodies - they make me smile, they are great as soundtracks. The game is funny) I will be very happy if you make the project "Killby" already with a plot. I really think it would be a great idea. After completing the game, I can say with confidence that you will succeed! I wish you good luck in your future projects! If you listen to my idea about the plot of "Killby" - I will be very happy. Or make levels in 3D and attach a small plot for a tick (remember at least "Super Mario Bros"). Good luck, Miquel! 

I will be waiting for a new game!

I also looked at the profile and in the coming days I will go through the rest of the developer's games.

Great work for a novice developer. It was interesting to see those levels from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers music video. To implement an exact match, of course, difficult and almost impossible, and this work deserves some praise. The levels, though quickly passed, but still. I wish the developer good luck in porting the Android version as well. I even leave my own video from YouTube

It was very amazing! I recommend everyone to spend 2-3 hours to immerse themselves in the entourage of Count Dracula's castle! Doom and Castlevania fans - a double surprise!

Hi, David. I liked your idea to turn the world of the game "Doom" into a completely new one. Who would have thought of dating demons))) Thanks to your work, you can now empathize with demons even when playing the original). Is there an idea to create something similar, for example, the original story "DOOM" in the genre of "visual novel"? In fact, I am from Russia and the first in my country to translate your novel into my native language! You've done a good job even in drawing sprites and backgrounds. I wish you inspiration and new creations! Good Luck!

The author did a great job. The game is quite small, interested in the design and done perfectly in a copy of the first Castlevania. The ending was unexpected) I wish good luck to the author, inspiration - I will be very glad if he does something similar again.