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Your the frikin best!

Keep going,if your getting hate you shouldnt care!

Make sure to stay motivated

hope your dream gets true!

and ty for the asset,cant belive its free..

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yeah  you guys are ritgh,the hardest part of making a game is having the decision to publishing it.

I took an break into making games,but i'm back whit motivation!

I dont think that will fix the problem of me qutting the game,BUT i will participate in another game jam

i mad a post for tips for an game jam , but nobody replied until i quit joining the game jam

thanks you guys for the support! (replying)

and hey,you yes you! if you have joined this game jam,please dont quit like i did,I know you can do it!

if nobody belives in you,dont worry 'cause i do


this is mt first jam,and  i quit!

this is my first jam and im also new to making games,any tips?

noice times 3


this game,is a masterpiece!

oh ok

sick ay!

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I love the game idea!

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hi, MeltingPlastic sry if I'm super late but I needed a break from social media and From now I can say this game is much than a Prototype I can't believe how you made it!. You deserve some more audience maybe you can add a saving your machines option. otherwise, the game is great! :D

wow super cool!

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nice game! love that you can build "machines" whit it :D

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this took me a lot of time to make