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That actually does help clarify things. Thanks for getting back to me!

I thought about doing the notes thing but I wasn't sure how useful it'd actually be until you pointed out a really  good use for it. I'll try that and see if I can make more progress from here on. Thanks!

Never mind, I'm part idiot. After subbing to your patreon, I found your faq(?) and discovered the answer to my 2nd question. For my first question, I'm just gonna assume it means rewards from other tiers instead or something..

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I'm pretty ocd with revealing every possible area of maps. Kinda annoyed me a bit that I couldn't reveal a portion of the dark tunnel with crystals leading to an alraune in a massive room. tried going down that same tunnel and to the right instead of left but I was blocked off by some vine/ivy? If I showed you my current map, do you think you would be able to give any advice? Rodriguez doesn't tell me anything useful, he only keeps thanking me for bringing the doc back and after the worm incident, the doc hasn't had anything to tell me except some CG options.

I'm part idiot. Discovered the first "upgrade" was the health enhancer and I just didn't put the 1 SP into it yet. I haven't discovered/unlocked the other upgrades though. Still can't find them.

ah, good to know

Ah, alright. Thanks for replying so soon

So I was looking through your tiers on Patreon and had 2 questions. 1 being, in the $50 tier, it mentions "plus all previous non-tier rewards!" and I got to thinking, was that a typo or otherwise what exactly are non-tier rewards? 2 being your tiers state anyone who totals $20 or more would receive the game on release, but what if for some reason, a patron had to cancel their subscription after already reaching that milestone before release?

So has anyone in your dev team considered making a walkthrough for your current builds? I've looked around for quite a while and I can't even find the dash upgrade. I'm not even sure I have the first upgrade either, I'd have to double check to even verify that. Or perhaps walkthroughs are considered spoilers and therefore taboo and I just wasted like 5 minutes typing this out. Crap.

Are the defeat scenes animated or static?

Asking this since I noticed the "Anime" tag, though perhaps that only refers to the anime style of the game, but does this have animation? Such as animated scenes or animated sprites? If this has already been asked and I simply missed it, I apologize.