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Really fun, it was simple and short but I don't think that worked against you! I liked the timing based nature of it. guarding attacks and attacking in the openings felt really solid

Absolutely amazing game, everything was so polished and well done that I was legitimately surprised that you made this game entirely yourself. Great game jam or not, mad respect to this beast of an entry 5/5

simple, but effective gameplay! I wish there were more ways to manage your breathe as waiting around for it to recharge wasn't that fun. but I really enjoyed it overall!

Nice game, got legit spooked a couple times!

Couldn't ask for much more! thanks for the review!

I can't see my mouse when it's over the game so it's a bit hard to start, but other than that I really enjoyed it! simple concept, good execution and even better music!

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This game does suck, but the music is fire.
10/10 enjoyed every second of it.
something about it is actually kinda fun tbh

I made a block sliding puzzle game that ended up turning out really good! It'd be cool if that could make it in

i think as long as you fix the bar to update properly the rest will be self explanatory. Good luck on the final stretch!

It's an interesting concept, but it's too easy, most of the time I was catching all the animals before they touch the ground.

I think more hazards, and a higher spawn rate might help. Sweeping through the animals to collect though is still a little easy so maybe considering something like something that only hurts your inflatable hug and not the animals or requiring you to hover over animals for a small duration to collect them.

I think this could be really fun with just a couple of small tweaks. Keep at it!

- Health bar doesn't seem to update, looks like you used a unity slider but left "Intractable" set to true. that allows you to click and manipulate the slider with your mouse so you probably want that off. Aside from that your HP (at least that's what I assume it is) isn't lowering when losing animals, that might be a critical bug to fix.

-Sometimes animals wouldn't move for very long periods of time after spawning, not sure what that's about but it doesn't seem quite right