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This was a really lovely read, and hit me right in the feels 💙 The dynamic between the characters feels very real and pulls you into the story. Short, sweet and with plenty of impactful choices to make! Very replayable too, given that the night can end in many different ways...

I highly recommend getting this game if the premise of a night on the beach under the stars appeals to you! I look forward to more games from this developer 🌠

Pale Cachexia is a beautiful, kinetic visual novel which will take you on a wild, emotional ride. It's dark, brooding and will crush your spirit at times, but it balances it out with moments of blissful peace. There's a mystery to solve, a friendship to grow and lingering memories of the past to contend with…

It can get spooky at times if reading it in a dark room like I was, so get a blanket and something warm to drink for the full experience!

I'll link the first episode of my full playthrough here, in case anyone wants to see what the game is like 💙

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I enjoyed this short story a lot! 💙

The game has a certain vibe to it that I dig. Two people trying to find hope and meaning at the end of the world, told over the course of a night together in a car. Intriguing concept, good execution.

I really liked the lighting changing as the time of day passes, helping keep the one background of the game interesting and dynamic. Looking forward to seeing more games from you!