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Pretty great. The conversation flow felt natural, the voice acting wasn't bad and while occasionally it felt like a certain option should work when it wasn't what the game intended, I have no real complaints. Good atmosphere, well done interrogation. Overall a solid game.

Game looks fun, I wouldn't know. Couldn't get past the computer. Oh, I see the password on the back of the notebook, but no matter what I type, it doesn't work.

Pro tip: add some acessibility options, like, say, readable text. It's 2022, these kinds of things should be expected. And it's not the only instance either, as soon as the game started I noticed the font; great for style, terrible for reading, which is the main purpose of text I believe.

Even the objectives thingy when I press Q, I can barely read. Please, PLEASE, do something about that. Thank you. Hopefully I can play the game one day.

This is pretty great. Now, I'm not neurodivergent, but I can easily get distrcted when writting and this helps out a lot. The only 'problem' I could find is the lack of a grammar check, but that's really not a big deal as I can simply copy/paste everything to a text editor.

This is a 10/10 for me and I'll keep an eye to see it improve more and more.

I was at the Queen of Winds when the game crashed. When I played it again, my character was stuck in an empty room, no floor or anything, and kept falling to his death over and over. I had to clear my save data. I'm just glad I wasn't further into the game; that would suck a lot.