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Loved it lol. It was super strange but good lol. I played it in a live stream. You can watch my playthrough below if you want! Keep up the great work. Hope to see some more spoopy games from this developer! 

Sorry Dan, It just crashes when I try to run it. I have tried to install in several times and it will not run. Windows PC

So excited for this. I have been waiting since I did my let's play on the demo haha

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Such a strange game

HAHA this game was hilarious and silly. I loved it. Check out my let's play! 

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Here is my silly let's play

finally got around to playing this. Was... interesting. 

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another great game :) I dig this developers games. They are unique and interesting. Keep up the great work. https://youtu.be/vQoVPLu5RJw

This looks very promising. I cannot wait to see how this game turns out. I want to play the full game now lol. 

Sadly I cannot get it to run

Here is my first episode and the link to my playlist of my Let's Play :) I am digging it. Good Job


interesting little game. worth a play

This was super strange lol. But interesting. Was very unique. Check out my let's play!

I loved it! I thought it was very well done. Reminded me of the Twilight zone! Hope to see more!

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This game was interesting. There wasn't much to it. But the atmosphere was well done and the style was cool. I enjoyed it. Just kinda wish there were more to it!

Awesome! Glad to hear it!

I REALLY like this game. I cannot wait to see what it becomes. I think it is unique and a cool concept. I am definatley awaiting a full release. Keep it up!

Created a new topic My let's play of Devotion

I really liked this. I hope that this game gets finished and released. I would love to do a full playthrough. I think it has huge potential and is pretty scary. I think it would be a hit. 

I really had fun playing this game. I enjoyed it. I hope to see more from this developer! 

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This is a really well done game. It is more atmoshperic horror than jumpscare horror. It left me wanting more to be honest. I would love to see more from this developer and a longer game. It really was a great game for what it was. I really recommend you play it for yourself. 

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This game is pretty awesome honestly. I have only obtained one ending. The game for me has a deep message that the whole world needs to get. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I think the developer did a great job and I look forward to playing more and getting the other endings.  If viewers of my channel want me to show more of the endings I will, otherwise I will play it on my own. Here is my let's play!