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Thank you :)
I wish I had time to polish it more and release on the app store.

Really cool idea xD

@ancientpixel thanks for your feedback :) actually I am using a 4 color palette but didn't notice that transparency, glow and anti aliasing creates different shades of these 4 colors. The jam was just a motivation to work on the game and create something that I will enjoy making and people might enjoy playing :)

Thank you for your feedback, this is very useful. Unfortunately, I don't have a Linux machine to test the game. But I will make sure to add an exit button and update the game. I will let you know when it's done :)

Thanks again!

Hey I just finished your game and I absolutely loved it! I hope we will see more levels in the future :) I am also a game developer and this game was very inspiring for me, thanks :)

By the way, I was trying to import Magica Voxel objects to Unity but it considers it as a whole mesh, how did you manage to animate single boxes or walls... ? Thanks.