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Yeah, I was just giving an example of having some packed and some unpacked. Having a per type setting is what would be the best. That way people would be able to choose the setting they want for each type.

HEXROLL2? Very cool. Can't wait.

I was thinking about the Biomes placement setting, packed vs unpacked, and how it builds sandboxes. Would it be possible to have that setting be per type? I like how the unpacked setting affects plains and forests but not necessarily mountains or deserts. So for instance group the mountains and deserts but mix up the plains and forests.

So given what is produced it seems like there are a lot of variables being generated when a sandbox is created. How is it possible to get this degree of an exact match between the two? I mean even in just the npcs alone there has got to be hundreds being created. How can they ALL be the same? The odds of that just seems to be incredibly unlikely. How is that even possible?? lol

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Yeah, sure. here ya go...

Basically I was just trying to get the highest population I could, lol. Those two were generated about 30 mins apart. And the value on the Plains probability might have been different between the two because looking back through my history I have several links with that number being different values from 4 to 10.

Ok, so this is amazing. I was just making some new sandboxes. I was using the same settings for all of them. Just generating a bunch of different ones and saving them to my computer. I've made permanent links for two of them to share here. This is the first one:

and this is the second one:

If you look at them you will see that they have different maps and regions but the content of both of them other than that is identical, down to the empire name, population, background, city, npc, and faction. How is that even possible? lol.

Ok so I don't understand something here. I have the Tags window up and have selected tags I want to use. Then I select generate and it adds additional Tags I don't want. Why is it doing this? Am I doing something wrong?

Is there any way you could just have it automatically replace whatever ruler it generated for the largest city with the realm ruler and then have it label that city as the capitol?

I have a question about the Backgrounds created. In the background there's always a ruler and their entourage listed but they aren't anywhere in the region. Where are they suppose to be? And if they aren't supposed to be anywhere then why list their details if no one is ever going to run into them?

I hadn't given it any thought before because I haven't been able to run one yet. But I was going through one I created and noticed this. There's also not a capitol listed. Which is where I was expecting the ruler to be. I had assumed that one of the cites was the capitol and the ruler was going to be in it but they all have their own rulers.

Well that is better than nothing, but being able to add additional shops would be more useful. But if it can't be done that's cool. :-)

Thanks for the reply!

Ah, ok. That makes more sense. Thanks.

Sorry to keep bugging you (I'm very inquisitive). lol. But I was thinking about the re-roll thing. And thought of another thing it would be nice to be able to do. Add more/specific shops to a city. I can see right away my group going into a village and asking about a blacksmith or something and it not having included one. I realize that also might not be possible but it sure would be nice. Sure I can just make one up but then I'd have to edit the MD file to add it and... yeah, that's not happening. lol. I downloaded Notepad++ and took a look at that file. And... dear god please no! lol

Ok, so I've tried to make some maps using what I thought you meant about probability, that is that 1 x 3 is 1 in 3 = 33%. But I must not understand it correctly because the numbers didn't seem work that way. The higher I make the number should make the chance lower. i.e. 1 x 10 would be 10% while 1 x 1 would be 100%. But the higher I make the number the more I see that item. So its not 1 in 3  (33%) it's 3 times as much, right? So if, lets say I make caverns, temples, and tombs probability all the same it won't matter what number I have because they will all be the same relative to each other. But if I put caverns at 10 and the rest at 1 there will be a 10 times greater chance of getting caverns than the others. And the same chance of getting either temples or tombs. Do I have that right? I must be dense because this is confusing to me.

Wow, that's some really good explanations.! Thank you! That really helps.

So the hex size is basically what ever we want. Cool, I can work with that.

And a setting of "Mountains probability is × 3" would basically be 33% or x 4 would be 25%? Got it.

As for the re-rolling, that's really interesting. Really sounds like an ingenious way of doing it. I didn't think about how things are linked together. I can see how that would be a can of worms to mess with. lol. Though it would still be nice to have anywhere its possible. Also even though changing one thing could cause other things to change, some might not have a problem with that. It'd be worth it to me to have the option. Now if its a chain reaction that would break the tool... Yeah, don't do that. lol.  ;-)

Thanks again for the reply. Really appreciate it.

I have questions and a suggestion,

First, what is the scale of the hexes? It's hard to determine how long it takes to get somewhere when I don't know how far across a hex is.


Some tips on what the settings mean would be helpful. For instance what does "Biomes placement" under Hex Map Generation Algorithm do? And what does the probability multiplier do? Maybe having a percentage might be more understandable? Depending on just what it is doing of course. I'm assuming it's a multiplier of a base percentage chance? Knowing what that chance is might be helpful.

Second, it would be nice if there was a re-roll button for a given section. That way if it generates a hex, an Inn, a dungeon or dungeon room etc. you don't like you could re-roll it.

Aside from that this is an amazing tool!