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Can you specify the issue as well as what you are doing to try to follow the instructions? I was the one who found the fix for the mac issue of the game not starting up so, maybe I can help again :)

Download flash player then launch the game if on mac, should just work

Hey! Great looking game but i can't really play because I'm on Mac using a trackpad, meaning that I can't shoot anything. Do you think you might add some Trackpad support, since I literally cannot connect a mouse to my Mac because USBC is stupid?

So, it seems like when you do too much in the game, the daytime bar work scenes break my browser when I try to do them. Don't know the cause sadly, but thought I should mention it.

Okay nevermind! I did a bit more digging and found out what was wrong and how to fix it and get the game working! So, opening the game's directory, you've got to get to that first nwjs file, then open terminal and type in "chmod +x " and then drag the nwjs file into the terminal and you will see a long line of text showing the directory which should look like this "/Users/[name]/Downloads/Lust\ Doll\ Plus\ r17.2\ \(Mac\)/ "
You then hit enter and that file will turn into an executable. Then, open the "versions" file, open the file with those numbers, and then open the package contents of "nwjs helper". Open the "Contents" Folder, then the "MacOS" folder, and you will see the "nwjs helper" file. Do the same thing to that file that you did with the "nwjs" file before and turn it into an executable. From there, hold control while opening the game and it will launch properly!

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Okay, so I tried clicking the link and it gave me a 404 error. Also, I tried using those commands in my terminal but it said "no such file or directory" but I found that I just need to find the file that you are talking about, drag it into my terminal, and then run the command to make it work. So the right file is now an executable. However, the main issue I think I have found now is that with whatever version you have, you have a folder named "Frameworks" in the directory which in the version I downloaded, does not seem to exist. This may be the issue. Not that I only changed the nwjs file into an executable, everything else is the same as when I downloaded it. You can see in the image above that that "Frameworks" folder is completely missing.

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I will try these methods out tomorrow (Other than wineBottler because I know that'll work, I just choose not to use that method cause I dislike WineBottler) and see how it goes, thanks :)

Downloadable doesn't work, in browser it does though. Should have been more specific. but it could be the same kind of issue

Since the game doesn't work on the latest iOS version, maybe that is why it doesn't work on the latest version of MacOS as well?

Found a couple issues in the deserted base.
1. If you escape your bindings after being caught the same time that the lady comes back, you are visibly out of your bindings but the game makes you go through the event with the lady anyways.
2. After escaping your bindings, literally every time you walk onto a new square, you encounter an enemy in the room where you were held captive.

Also, do you have any more plans for Gin?  I would love to see something after he's been "trained" enough times.

Talk with the receptionist first. Also, save before you do get on the table, trust me.

Be a male character, it doesn't work for female characters.

Gotcha, if anything comes up, i'll let you know. It could just be that the latest version of MacOS doesn't work with the game, like how it broke many games on steam :p

Never noticed that before, i'll have to go there, thanks :3

Where even is this place? I've never been here before.

To save cassie from the don, you will need to talk and do things with Fawn, and talk to Arlene, who will point you in the right direction. I can give a more in-depth walkthrough if you'd like, but that's only if you don't care about me ruining the surprise of what will go on.

i dunno, try giving it to someone maybe?


Desert is not in the game yet, I don't think.

So I looked closer after writing this, and I noticed that the "versions" folder has some files related to the "nwjs" file in MacOS which needs to be turned into an executable. Maybe that could be the issue? I'm unsure, you'd likely know more, regardless, thank you for the help where you could.

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I usually do use the browser version, but I wanted to try to download it. One thing I notice that is different is that in the video I linked there are two files in the MacOS folder, but seeing as how this issue is limited to few macs, I would assume that isn't the problem, but I wouldn't put it out of the question, so perhaps it's the lack of a Launcher.dat file or something. But here is to hoping that I can find a solution to this new problem as well. Thank you for helping out!

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Okay so I may have found the solution. I found this video that explained that the reason it would not work was because the file "Game" was missing the executable file it needed to launch the game. After running a certain command in my Terminal, I was finally able to launch the game, but now, nothing shows up. The game is apparently running, as I see it open on my desktop, but there is nothing to interact with. Here is the video I found. This video shows the problem I had before, but not the new problem.

I looked at various sites trying to find a fix but couldn't find anything useful, as the main issue I saw was people porting a game from windows to mac, but since I am downloading the file directly from mac, the issue may be different. Could it maybe be that the version of mac is what makes it work or not? I'm on Catalina 10.15.5. Or maybe I need to download RPG maker to have it work properly? I'm unsure.

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So, I downloaded the game and it says that the application can't be opened. Do I need a certain application downloaded to launch the game, because i'm unsure of why it won't launch. I'm on a mac btw.

You have to refuse all the offers he gives you until it's only 500 credits.

Speak with Lin Lin, Fawn, and Sammy to get better odds of saving Cassie. You will also need to speak with Arlene in the police station. You will learn what to do next from her, and once you have done what she suggests, you will need to speak with her again, after having talked with Fawn about Cassie and the Don, as well as having discovered and gotten involved in the BDSM club. I can get into more specifics if you want, but i'm leaving out details so I don't spoil too much for you, hope this helps :)

Okay so apparently that only happens if you haven't paid for the massage yet with the person at the desk, regardless, don't think this is meant to happen.

So, I tried to talk to Lin Lin (I think that is her name, she the panda girl) and this happened. I am not sure if this is an issue on my end or not but either way, can't talk with her.