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Wow! This looks so cute! >/////<

Woah! This looks great! >/////<

This is so cute, but I hope you can compress the files.

I hope you can optimize the game; the Android version is so laggy, even at the lowest quality setting.

Thanks for the information.

Would it be too much if this was installable as an APK?

How high is high? And can I meet it again after defeating it?

That's good to hear!

Is this still in development?

It's probably a bug, the Ren'Py plugin is pretty problematic, and I've had issue with it before.

Try it again after an update, also you can try re-adding it again.

It's really easy though, first download the ZIP file from then extract it on a folder, after that, download both Joiplay and Joiplay's Ren'Py plugin from the Google Play Store.

After doing all of that, launch Joiplay, then click the (+) button, and fill in the necessary information (Game icon is optional), after that, locate the EXE, PY or SH file when you press the "CHOOSE" button on the "Executable File" field.

If you've done these steps correctly, Joiplay will automatically add the game to the menu.

Note: Joiplay also supports GameMaker Studio (Install the GMS plugin), Flash (SWF Files) and HTML games.


Gomamon is so cute, I love him~

Also to anyone who wants to play on mobile, try using Joiplay, it works flawlessly.

What's the engine that's used for this?

Try Joiplay.

Is there any way to download from

I've bought the game from Steam since my card keeps on getting declined here, also I can't download from Steam since I don't have a PC. QwQ

Condolences, I wish you and his family may endure this painful loss…

Oh, I see, thanks for the tip.


I see, thank you for replying.

I see, thank you for the reply.

Hello! I am new to, when I buy from this page, do I need to repay for every update?

You're welcome~ >w<

Would there be an installable version for Android?

This is quite interesting~

You're welcome~ ^w^

This is cool~ XD


Woah~ this is amazing~

This looks quite nice~

Very cute~

This is quite nice~

Thankfully, the last updates made it incredibly laggy.

Well~ I don't mind having bigger bois~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is quite nice, I hope to see more of it!

I-It's definitely bigger~ O/////O

This is so good~ I wish I have the money to support you monthly on Patreon~ ;-;


You can also play the PC version on Joiplay.

This looks interesting~