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It's the Summer of 2086, Nidco brings in $1.6 billion per turn, I have $2 billion in capital, I own 100% of the shares in all media on earth, have purchased the best contact schools available, have 4 fully functional brain transfer vessels even though my first board member doesn't die for another 20+ turns, and the worlds laws have entirely been bent to my will.
I am on the hardest difficulty and have no idea what to spend my money on.
My victory points are at 1/1/0/3 and I foresee a long slog to victory.
It's plenty possible I just got very lucky, but this is my first try of this game and it seems way too easy.
I'm okay with a little bit of spoilers, is it supposed to be this easy at this point in the game?
Enjoyed the hell out of getting to this point btw <3