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Read the in game instructions. Put the thing on the anvil and smack the anvil itself, not the item. Done.

Hey, I have sank an unreasonable amount of time into this game considering I only got it yesterday. I noticed that as the game progresses, the customers want their goods faster and faster. I thought this was a cool mechanic at first, forcing you to become more skilled in your smithing and more strategic in your ordering of goods. But then it got to the point where customers will run in and then just run off, and good luck reading what they wanted. I now have a copy of every item on the selling shelf, but even that doesn't always help. Then there's the real kicker: sometimes a customer will become what I have dubbed a Sulker. They will stand there, outside the shop, sometimes all the way at the portals, until they are given the weapon they wanted, which is tedious at best as you normally have to guess what that would be. If I could just find out how to reset the timer for the customers' patience via console command that would be wonderful. Also would be great if weapons didn't disassemble when you exit the game, but that's minor in comparison.