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Nictendo Horror

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I never knew it was Aliens...... I liked the game though, thanks!

Chapter 3.... But I liked the rest of the game

Love all the Vidas games, thanks for making them!

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This one was fun to play, thanks!

Loved the game, keep up the good work!

Haha, why is the control panel at the opposite end? Fun Game, thanks!

Nice game! Scarecrow's always scare me... I'm a bird.

Loved your game and all the endings, Merry XmaS!

Another weird, shiny banger from Vidas Games!  

Fun game, right up my alley!

Rad, stoked for the full game!

Good short game, thanks!

616 has been making some rad games, best indie horror devs

This happened to me once.... Good Game!

Fun game, I'm all about working horror!

This game was dope, thanks for making it!

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Your game scared me, that usually doesn't happen anymore. I'm excited for when the full game comes out.  Thanks for making it! 

This game was dope, it looked really good, thanks

This game was dope! Simple and entertaining!

I had fun playing this work horror game, please make more

Fun game, thanks for making it!

I love found footage style games, thanks for making it!

Ha, this is for all the alcoholics!

This game was dope, thanks for making it!

Cool a$$ game, thanks!

Great game, had a ton of fun with it!

Thanks for the game, I tried my best to drive the car

Thanks for the game, I had fun with it!

Best game I've ever played since...... your mom, Thanks!

I had fun with this one, thanks!

I like pineapples.... f you haha, fun game!

Loved it, keep it up homie!

So fkn rad, thanks man!

I like the mixture of games you used, it was fun to guess which one

Had so much fun with this game, thanks man!

It was fun, a little slow in the middle, but i still had a good time!  Keep making more, I love the working class horror games!

Had fun with this game, you are amazing.