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Nictendo Horror

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Keep making these games, I have a lot of fun playing them! 

Fun game, thanks!

Thanks for the game, can't wait till he learns how to use a shotgun!

Had a lot of fun playing your game, thanks!

Nice, most people are scared of an abundance of bugs, so good job on that!

This was really cool, please make more games! 

I love you

I'm a huge fan of blue collar job horror, kind of makes it more relatable.  Thanks, I'll be playing the full game when it comes out!  

Made a vid, I love you

Ha, I made it to the twitter ending, now i follow you.

I used to watch John Wolfe play your games years ago, I really dig your unique style!  Since you've gotten a bunch of vids, here's my thumbnail.

This is why I park on the street!  Thanks for the game!

Nice experience, got the controls figured out pretty quick, thanks!

I can't wait to play the rest of the series, thanks!

Any game with a happy dog is a thumbs up from me. I really dig home invasion horror, and the puzzles were perfect. Thanks!

I really liked this game, and it's free!  I made a video, but you already have a bunch, thanks!

I was stoked to see the smoke person, but then they were gone......