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Nico Saraintaris

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Thanks for the video! We'll be uploading the English translation later this week.

Updated with WIN version.


Although I've been making games for almost ten years—and publishing novels and short stories since 2006, mainly in Spanish— this was my first interactive short story (made with Ink + Unity in five days), so there's lots of space for improvement. Next clickable horror short stories will feature several endings, secret branches and some neat surprises.


I've seen the video you've made! Thanks for the feedback. This game has just one ending—so I guess It's kind of an inevitable conclusion. Future games are going to feature both multiple endings and secret paths. Expect some news soon!

Thanks! Have a really good time working on it. Also, having the possibility to work with my brother is always a plus.

Thanks for the kind words! There's going to be more stories really soon!

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Thanks for making this video! I had a really good time watching you play it. Regarding some grammar issues, you guessed it right. I'm from Argentina, so English is not my first language. I made all the coding and writing in five days, kind of a jam thing during this quarantine. I've written the story directly in English—I'm trying to work like Beckett, working in a second language to focus and not get too 'comfortable' with language. Anyway, I'll try to improve the proofreading process in my next interactive stories!