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I really like the art style and the customization aspect at the beginning is a nice touch.

Really nice. Just gave it a try. Wasn't able to win though. xD
I never heard of Love2D before, but it's always nice to see other engines being used in Jams.

The idea is fantastic. It really fits in well with the theme. It'd be a great basis for a full game.

Nice one. Feels just like one of the old classics. Good job.

Really fun concept in combination with the limitation. One of my favorites so far.

I like the idea of having to avoid crew members. The gameplay was nice. But it just felt like sometimes clicking on the mirrors to turn them didn't work on the first attempt.
Also, it would be really cool to get extra points if the player uses less mirrors than provided.

The gameplay is pretty simple but also fun when you just watch and hope the ball doesn't  hit the wall.  Is the gameplay deterministic?

Nice idea. At first I thought it was easy, but the different intervals of the robots can be quite a challenge.

That was a fun fever dream.

Pretty fun  idea. The music is kinda strange but at the same time also really cool and unique for such a game. 
Also I don't know if this is due to the movement of the crossbows and lasers but I think I encountered a blind spot. I managed to survive for pretty long when I was just standing in this exact spot. Only died after 10 minutes or so because of some buzz saws.

The pixel graphics work really well with the black and white aesthetic.
I think I encountered a bug when I was hit with a grenade and  suddenly grew to twice the size somehow.

I wanted to give this a try but the zip file I downloaded is empty?

Nice. Accurate depiction of a real    scenario. :D
It's a pretty fun idea you had with this. But  was it intended that the game freezes when the timer runs out?

Really addicting gameplay. Watching that lense fall trough, hoping it doesn't miss a bucket at the end is more thrilling than I thought. Also:  How the hell do you manage to get 2.000.000+ points?!

Very nice idea for the cinema theme. I find it really difficult to memorize the props, but that's just me. xD At least I managed to get a two heart score once.

Fun gameplay and really nice pixel graphics!

Really nice one :D Thank you!

The pixel art in this one is pretty good. I also like the overall enemy design (was that one guy a Walter White reference?).

This is one of the most unique concepts regarding the theme together with the limitation I've seen so far. Really cool.

These games are always very addicting. It has the same energy as that old windows XP pinball game. Loved it!

Nice game. The camera zooming out when you accelerate is pretty helpful. I faced some minor stuttering but overall very enjoyable.

This game was really fun. The amount of depth is also  really amazing.  I wonder how long it took to come up with that concept.

Really nice idea for the gameplay in combination with the story. Maybe add a bonus to profits if Oppenheimer and Barbie are shown in the same month? :D

Really great game. Especially the amount of levels for a jam game is amazong.

Awesome game. The animations and the graphics overall look really nice. The walk to the top alone was an effective way to build up hype. xD

Thank you! It means a lot!

Nice visual style I gotta say.
Unfortunately I couldn't pick up any trash. I'm not sure what the controls for that are, but I think this might be a possible bug. I couldn't exit the game either, not sure if this is intended. I had to end the process via task manager.
Also, I'm not sure but I think you uploaded way more than the exported finished game.
Included in the  .rar file you uploaded are all the assets used, the exported game, editor logs as well as visual studio configs.

Nvm, I made it to the end! Really beautiful game. I wasn't really sure what to do exactly at the beginning but I figured it out in the end. Now I wonder how to get to the last number to get the combination to the safe at the bar. I only found 3.

I really wanna play through this, but I'm stuck right at the beginning. Can you give me a hint?

For the limitation it works pretty well gameplay wise.  A bit more explanation on the mechanics would help.

Amazing concept! The overall execution of the idea and the gameplay is really fun. I also like it how the exact controls for moving the camera are not that easy to master. The way the frame position is also tied to the camera man gives it just the right difficulty.  Good job!

The level of complexity  in the game given small time frame is amazing. Visual style and the music work really well together.  Also great use of the limitation in that context!

I like the 50's aesthetic and the rage comic faces give the experience a nice touch. :D 

Really fun take on the theme! The cutscene caught me off guard. :D
Learning the controls for which keys to press for which  symbol took me some time.

What an awesome game!
It's so perfect.  The music and especially the art style with all the nice animated sprites go hand in hand. Good job on that game!

I really like the idea for the game.
You can definitely improve on that concept alone and make a more elaborate version!

"You win by losing all your friends" is a pretty unique concept for the limitation. :D
Really fun game and the expressions on the sun work pretty fell.
Also what is that sound at the beginning?

That's awesome!

I like the concept and the mechanics you included with the opening doors aspect  and the time collecting.
Also the hands of the character looks so confusing and cool at the same time.
Like, I don't know if it's 3D with a shader or 2D sprites that move really realistic.
Keep it up!

Pretty neat  platformer.
Could use some music and maybe a few more assets.
The overall gameplay and the limitation you planned originally is really good.
Would be cool to see it implemented some day.