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Playing this has reignited a burning  passion for point & click narrative games, after I played this I started to play even more point & click games.

Your style was very reminiscent of some classic games from my childhood and it was blast to play this.  

played this recently and got actually pretty absorbed into the story, I also enjoyed the twilight zone feel I got from it. 馃憤馃徎馃

I really enjoyed playing this game :D
It had the right amount of tension and ambiance. 

I really enjoyed your game, it has that real nice sense of nostalgia ^-^

I simply love this game and will love to get teh final product when it's released.
I hope you don't mind my placing a video with this comment.

I went back and played through the entire demo again:

I still love this game so much, as i state in the video congrats are the successful funding for it ^_^

I honestly found the game pretty fun but is there a healing aspect to the game?

here is a video of my (short)but fun play through:

I had a lot of fun with this game even if I personally couldn't figure out how to progress haha

I had a very fun time going through this game as the gorilla:

I'm going to be playing more for sure.

Haven't finished it yet but here is the first episode:

I'm having a lot of fun in it so far

Hello Everybody,
Psychewave here to bring you my play through of BlackSmith Simulator

[Aired at 2:00pm MST]

I played this game and felt very unnerved by it but it was very enjoyable and here is my playthrough, I didn't finish it but i stil had fun.

hello everybody, I super loved the old style animation used in this game, it has a strong sense of nostalgia for me, plus the characters are just adorable ^_^

I hope more comes from this game in the future ^_^

My video I did for Grampy Kats is up and running:

At 2pm today [sept/8/2016] I had a vidoe go live for this game:

The Game is super fun but I also had the bug with the blink mechanic, but it was still really really fun <3

Hello there,
I am planning to do a let's play for this game as it has caught my interest, once I have recorded and uploaded I shall link it.