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I’ll try to rate games before the voting days end

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It’s the first rythm game i make  but not my first game.   I’ve joined quite a few jams cause i enjoy creating games and animating. Thank you for trying it out tho :) I appreciate it

Thank you very much! I appreciate it :D

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I think i made the waiting time on the main menu too long it should get your input right away.

Thank you for trying out my game!

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The graphics look great!
I like the mood of the gameand hope it gets expanded! I just wish that when jumping for the character to be able to move more forward.

Thank you! The goal is for the mouse to hit the cat with a pan 3 times and the goal of the cat is to catch the mouse 3 times to eat it but i made a mistake with the trigger and left it as a collider instead 

So, what do you think of it? Feel free to rate it or tell me your thoughts 

Don’t forget to rate the game jam version (if you wish )

Thank you very much! i uploaded the web gl version seperately

I can't upload the webGLversion cause of the voting period, could you change it or should i put it seperately?

Great idea, amazing execution. The graphics are extremely spot on feels like i'm actually playing a game and watch

i like the idea, it's pretty nice and the graphics look pretty good

I’m not sure if it works on Mac since i made it for windows! But i hope it does

mine is GOBO| GOBO 359


nope, it’s not working 

i need the #code along with the name. Otherwise it’s not finding you

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There’s no browser version yet!Only download, you start with the enter and can move left and right only in the menu for, game A, game B and set time.  I’ll make the Web GL/Browser version today!

Yeah i use Discord what’s your tag?

if you could it’d be extremely helpful. Where could you send them?

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I tried my best in this game jam,but since I joined late I couldn’t get to work on the sound design at all. The game is silent :(  This is my first time making such a game and i tried very hard on it. Please don’t disqualify it 🙏🏻

I will try to update it after the voting ends if i have free time, thank you for the kind words!

Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much for checking my game out!

I hope i can update it in the future 

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Cool artstyle! 

And a fun idea. 

Love the screens when you win or lose, i just wish they stayed a bit longer on screen cause i'd accidentally skip them while mashing z.

Also somehow i managed to make the progress bar on the bottom dissappear, not sure if it was intentional

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Did not expect a Pokemon game in this jam, but I'm happy there is one!
I just wish there was some music or sfx, also i wish that i could control where my character could go.
This is still neat tho! 

Actually an awesome game, can't wait for it to be updated (if it is)
I love how cartoonishly the enemies fall over.It's so charming

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Yeah it wasn't meant to be that short but i was running out of time and had to submit it, hopefully i can update it after the voting ends! I wanted to add that all the sound effects and music are by OpenGameart but i was in a hurry, i plan on putting the credits as soon as possible.Yes there's an extra enemy to the right

i love the graphics! and the gameplay is really fun!

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i can't escapee this helll

Seems like the web build is broken

Got it working, pretty fun, i like the graphics

It's telling me that ir require Java runtime Environmetn 17

Thank you very much!

Glad you like the art! Artist here :D

artist here, thank you! We appreciate it

yeah I understand.

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Really hard to see what?

Oh you mean the text? I might need to change this bg theme

Thank you very much! I’ll try to polish it as much as i can!

Thank you! Sorry that the controls take a bit to figure out