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Nicolas Zelv

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Hi Akume, thank you a lot !

Ahahah thank you a lot !

We are sorry but the only version we made during the Game Jam was for Windows devices. :( 

Otherwise, sorry for the late reply

We submitted our game, with a lot of unexpected difficulties, sadly.

Anyways, that was a fun experience !

Time to sleep now, until the O'Regans..!

Here is the poster of our game : Simoun !

3am update !

Sorry once again for the late update !

7pm update !

3pm update !

Oops, sorry for the late update !

3am update !

Still working on the environment, the gameplay is coming ! There are some spoily screenshots...

PS: We are going to sleep, we planned to come back at around 8-9am.

11pm update !

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7pm update !

3pm update !

Trying some concepts, building some level designs, sculpting some rocks, programming some line codes... 

Hello ! Good luck everyone!

Team Albertville is composed by 5 L3DI L3 students : Camille Girardeau, Hugo Houriez, Etienne Karciauskas, Jérémie Persault & Nicolas Zelvelder

Here is the link to our safety build :

Still a lot of problems to fix

Update @10am

3 survivors, 1 still missing...

Sound design and polishing steps :)

Hello, we were sleeping ! Now we are 2 awakens ready to continue !

Update @10pm

New visuals!

Update @6pm

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Some news ! (After a while, we forgot to post... sorry)

Update @2am

Work in progress !

Update @10pm

The scenario is written, stomacs are completely full, the production can begin!

(Not so much to show now)


We are the ex-Team LeSel composed by Etienne Karciauskas, Nicolas Zelvelder, Jérémie Persault and Clément Travert.

Good luck :)

Hey Simi ! 

Thank you for your nice comment ! It's a pleasure for us to see people playing our game outside France, and also having fun playing it.

Otherwise, thank you for your feedback! A lot of bugs are waiting to be solved... We hope soon!

Hello !

Notre 1ère version du jeu a été postée et upload à 17h01.

La 2ème version (qui comprend la correction de plusieurs bugs de son) a été postée à 19h42.

En espérant que cette 2ème version, bien que remise un peu en retard, soit celle soumise à l'évaluation !


01h57 - UPDATE !

(Désolé pour le retard, on a complètement oublié de poster !)

De nouveaux screenshots du jeu pour teaser :)

14h50 - UPDATE TIME !

Quelques screenshots du jeu ! (on essaye de spoil au minimum)

(1 edit)

8h26 - UPDATE ! (après une nuit d'une heure...)

2h23 - UPDATE !

(Qui a dit que notre jeu était glauque ?)

Team d'étudiants @ Laval 3DI

Etienne Karciauskas, Persault Jérémie, Travert Clément, Zelvelder Nicolas