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Great news, I'll be surviving the pandemic for it.

Is there any secret on the sun cave in the volcano?

This is awesome, I need to play the full version. Hope it's released soon!

Don't worry, I just got it on a bundle.

I hope I'll get to play this game someday in another computer. Thanks for the response.

Oh, it seem sit won't work on mac Catalina :(

Not working for me on mac Catalina.

It just opens a white screen, goes fullscreen and crashes :(

Oh, that changes everything. Never realized it could be a bug.

Taking that into account,  I think the amount of time of each day we have now should be just enough.

Btw, I'm playing Mac version, maybe it helps knowing that for fixing the bug.

I'm looking forward to play the next release!

I really really need a pause key. I usually have lots of interruptions when I'm playing games, and I end up losing a lot of day time because I can't stop.

Also, don't know if it's just me, but most of the time I can't pay attention to dialogue while knowing time is still passing while I read. Even when I have spare time, I can't stop thinking about it. I end up rushing a lot of things because of that.

Had the same error, tried with App and it worked!! 


I remember that tittle music from Destination Kepler. I loved that little game.

I'm playing Mac version.

For some reason, whenever I take enough damage, my ship keeps drifting while smoking forever, and I can't do anything else. Not even the esc key works. Don't know what to do.

This is wonderful. I finished all levels and wanted more.

... The bird died in the end?

Well... when will it continue? I loved it.

I hope you finish it someday. I was really enjoying it.

It can run in web now!

It really needs another button to speed up time even more than what Shift does.

I liked it. But the first boss having a shield confused me, because at first i tought i should only attack him from behind (Which is almost impossible)

Why shouldn't I trust the game or myself? Everything seemed pretty honest to me.

Now you made me sad, I hate you. It was a good game until that.