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What an amazing journey !

Congratulation for this milestone Lime :)

Even if we are all impatient, your health comes first !

(I use a stylus with my Surface for my photoshop creations, and you'll see that's great once you know how to use it ! Have fun :) )

Happy new Year  !
I wish you many good things ! 
Pretty excited for this new year of cool & fine Pixel Art !

I'm so happy ! I waited so long for this amazing Assets !

Thank you Lime !

Wooohoooo !

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Ho cool for you ! I Hope you this work made you rich 😀

YAY ! Exteriors ! That's all i want ! 

I'm very excited to see notifications again ! 

Hi Lime !
I hope everything is okay for you !

Can you tell us what you are currently working on? :)

Thank you again for everything you have achieved !

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I don't know you but ...

Thanks for all you have done !

I enjoyed my everyday notification ... 
I will miss it !


Awesome job !

You'r crazy to split every item, and  I feel guilty for suggesting this idea !
Hope you found a way to automate the task as much as possible...

Don't kill yourself at work !

(And make yourself a Patreon or something else, I would really like to support your work more than the price I paid for this asset !)

Hi Lime !
Nice work like everytime !

We need more exteriors to fit with Modern interior !  I tried to do something in the Serene Village's spirit, but it's not effective 😂

If I had one idea to improve your work from this point of view, why not provide each element in a separate file. Every little item, object, plants, etc ... So it's more easy to manipulate each specific assets in Tiled or other software.

But it's a huge work if you don't work already in separate board for each of your assets. At worst it's up to the game dev to get rid of it via aseprite or photoshop !


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I don't think it's your assets fault. In addition I think it need solid knowing possibilities of the game engines that we use to avoid this problem. You can't on your side solve the problem alone (games creators needs knowledge).

I just think all the creators you have seen with this kind of problem have not yet acquired sufficient knowledge to deal with it. Or they just don't have enough time/desire to engage this kind of time-consuming glitch hunt (very off-putting).

Ex.  In RMMV you can have "unlimited" layers if you try mapping with TileD and the dedicated plugin.  But that requires learning to use RMMV and in addition third-party software. It's sometimes discouraging !


- RMMV + Only Assets = 3 layers = Some problems
- RMMV + TileD (& JS plugins) + Aseprite = Great Success !

If i remember correctly, Lime use RPG Maker MV (or MZ). So it's not really a problem, many plugins (layer) & tricks (parallax & region in the software) can avoid this . Or as you say, Tiled + Tiled plugins for RPG maker do the job !

Nice dead bodies 🤟
I dont know if it's my screen calibration, but the shading of the folds of the sheets appear a little too light. I didn't immediately see that it was bodies below!

Short answer: yes 😄👍 

Long answer: It will probably be necessary to make adjustments in the code.  Luckily it's CSS, javascript, and HTML, so it's also not hard to find someone who can edit it. 👍

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Hi Lime !

I found this generator, who seems really cool. I don't know if the author share the code. But maybe he do,   it can be a good addition to your dress system👍

You can share the project if you credit the team. In this page, click on "credit instructions" to go on github ans download the generator's code 👍

(This generator create spritesheet, for people who can't code an ingame generator 😄)

Nice Work ! 👍👍👍

I don't know what happened, but it looks like my ZIP file had a problem, here's what I had in it (A lot of missing folders !):

I re-downloaded the file and now everything is back to normal 😄😅
 In any case very good job as always !

PS. Any news about the Serene village ? I cann't wait to have stores, hospital, roads and other buildings or vehicles ! Even if it 's a separate paid pack ! 

Seriously, I'm ashamed that I only paid $3-4 for all your work ! Make a patreon to better reward yourself for your excellent job !

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Hi Lime !

Is it avalaible in this update or it's an annoucement ? Because i didn't see those folders in the 24.7 version ...

Sorry if i'm stupid and didn't understand this post ^^

Congratulations ! Keep it up ! I love your work !

Damn ! Those trees ! So cute :)
Do you plan to add this kind of tree to Serene Village assets?

Always a good job anyway ! Keep it up !

OMG ... The one with flies ... Little bit disturbing :D
Nice Work !

Not the Karen expected (but she's so cute !) :D

Ok now i'm very excited ! 

Hi ! Nice like everytime !
Did you plan to add some large windows for the background wall (something like the automatic doors) ? Everything are nice and detailed, but it look a little bit closed :)

My reaction when i see the symbols ... 

But nice idea, it's a time saver :)

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Very nice work ! I Like the shopping cart animation ( so cute ! ) 

Do you plan to add a building for the grocey store to the Serene Village assets ?

And... If I don't log in before tomorrow, I wish you a happy new year !

Glad to ear that :)

Nice like everytime !

I hope your health is getting better :)

Maybe it's nothing, but be careful, canker sores/rash in the mouth can be a symptom of Covid (it's quite rare, but not impossible). Hope you get well soon :)

Keep it up ! Your job is great ! 💪

PS. Take care of you ! Hoping it's nothing serious !

It's normal, I just assembled the sprites :)

(As Serene Village is free, I took the liberty of posting it, hope you don't mind)

Don't worry, it's ok :)

I'm glad to read that, and a little bit excited !

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I'm new to autotiles, but I used your ground sprite to practice. I had to remove the large stones because I failed to make them look nice in autotiles. 

I put that here for who want to use it !
(I haven't tried if it matches all the other "static" sprites, so it's just a test)

Now I will try to do the same for the water and the coast, and the hill...
(the framing didn't make my task easier: D)

Chief Pier need some French Mustache 😁

It's not urgent, but when you have the time to do it that would be great !

Thanks you !

Very Nice addition 👍 I like the microwave, he's cute 😄

I think to add some crafting in my game, do you planned in the futur to make a work bench with some tools (like hammer, screwdriver, etc.) ? 

how to say that ...

💯 Time better than i expected ! You are awesome !

Nice addition ! 😍

Would it be possible for you to make doors for the walls of the vertical axis?