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Thanks for the reply! I think you're right about the issue being drivers or Big Picture mode, I'm a bit scared to change anything in Steam since I finally got the DS4 working for Final Fantasy 15 with the correct button prompts. I remembered I had a wired Xbox One controller for the Steam Link in another room so plugged that in and after configuring the controls it worked fine. So much better playing with a controller, maybe I'll even beat the second boss! I love the feeling of having to move into danger to restore your health, it gives it such a unique feel compared to other shooters. I find myself trying to barrel roll back in the opposite direction too soon which is currently the main thing getting me killed.

Had to play with keyboard because my 360 and DS4 wouldn't work (360 worked at first but then the fire button kept bringing up the menu again). Really fun once you get the mechanics, I couldn't work it out until I saw the rolling demo in the background of the title screen was an, "Oh right!" moment and the barrel rolls etc. made total sense. Only thing I found a bit annoying was the wait between failing a boss battle and starting again and having to hear the dialogue/boss alert. I know it's a very small (and maybe intentional to give a breather) but I imagine as it gets harder this could be really frustrating especially since there's the trial and error element to boss fights. Of course it's entirely possible that I was just too rubbish at it to see what I was meant to do when the bosses launched their big attacks!

A great example of how atmosphere and gameplay can convey a story far more effectively than reams of text disguised as dialogue.

Great work, excellent  sense of impact when hitting enemies which the sound effects really add to. Also manages to strike that balance where getting hit feels like it's your mistake rather than the game being unfair.   Pretty sure this is one I'll come back to every so often to try and beat my best times.