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Gotcha, thank you!

Sorry my question isn't about the game specifically, but where do you get the character models from? Buy them from somewhere or just made yourself? 

Good to hear! Thanks for the reply :) 

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When you first encounter the woman in the cabin who goes skinny dipping, there is some foliage that completely blocks her from view while you're talking to her. Never been blue balled so hard :( 

Also, if you could scroll the view out from the character manually, that would be a very welcome addition.

You can still publish it. It's better to submit something unfinished than nothing at all! You can always say on the game page that you ran out of time if you do. 

Really great game. Good visuals and music. 

Thanks for the feedback! In hindsight, i probably should've used a set color pallet for everything instead of individual sprites.

Thank you!

I didn't think about that until after to uploaded it, unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback!

That was a lot of fun. Reminded me of a browser game I used to play. Good job!

It's very good! Great potential. Not a whole lot of content at the moment. You sorta just get a taste of what it really could become. Very likable characters. Looking forward to more updates!

This is fantastic. Needs more levels!

It's pretty fun, I just wish the color differences between the phases were more distinct. Sometimes it's hard to tell the blues from the purples.