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Looks like that will require a full rebuild of the engine from source (I'm using the standard UE) and not sure how well it would run - definitely no means to test it currently. I can build a 32bit version, but the XP fix isn't viable right now. Sorry!

Thanks for your feedback! I'm doing some bug fixing and optimisation, which should hopefully make the game easier to play. It will probably stay an infinite course for the time, but I'm also adding a few new sections, as well as redesigning the open plains a bit.

Just letting you know that I've been working on the game a bit, and should have an update soon. I'll make a Win32 version part of the update (probably a separate download). I'm also going to test this on an older machine of mine, so it should hopefully be able to run on a wider range of hardware.

I'll give it a try! Won't be able to attempt until Thursday, but I'll update if I get it to build like that.