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Please rename the executable file as  "Build", sorry for this simple mistake

Nice narration, good music and very challenging gameplay. Oh and nice trick with the Play and Quit buttons :D

Great Game! Nice art, and good gameplay, made me rage so much!


No worries bro

Nice game. Really like the WHO'S THERE sound effect xD.  The story is nice and the gameplay aswell. I get the platformer kinda feeling when playing this game.

The story is so good. The gameplay is amazing. Gotta give five stars to Creativity of Soundtrack and Sound. Overall this game was lovely.


Nice idea and great mix of 2D with 3D.

Stunning. The combination of this amazing artstyle and the 3D in the background fits the theme of "Modern 8-Bit".  The story seemed quite promising but sadly wasn't finished. Meh who cares i got the cake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

WOW! Thank you for the kind words! We are new to game developing and comments like this are so motivational <3 <3

Thanks <3

Hehe thanks for pointing that out didn't really notice it. To get past the boss you must press space to go "off". That makes you invisible against the boss :)

Thank you so much! <3

Thank you for the suggestions :) we appreciate it!

Beautiful little nice game :). I enjoyed it very much. The art is stunning btw.

Well it says it doesn't work on my version of the computer :/

Hello! Could you please make a 32-bit version of this aswell? Thanks in advance.  

Thank you very much xP.

thank yo so much my friend. it means a lot to us. Hope you enjoyed playing it as much as we enjoyed making it :)

;DDDDD you made me imagine it. it had to be so weird ;DD

(1 edit)

:DDDD so many people want to beat me up fro that jumpscare :DD and thanks :)

unbelievable.. simply amazing!

really nice game and a calming music ^_^

wow such a nice game! good job!

WOW AWESOME! :D the voice acting is SO great and the gameplay is good aswell. i love the artstyle! :)

best voice acting 10/10

thanks <3

:DD sorry mate :DDD

What a nice game! :D the music sounds FABULOUS~

Haha, Nice :D looks great!