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Hah!  That's great!  Yeah, eventually the text height passes beyond the text box size and it hides the whole thing.  Glad you enjoyed the game enough to play that much, haha!

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Hey!  Yeah, I did a quick update on Sunday to fix a framerate issue w/ WebGL.  Fortunately had a few min left on my clock, as I agree, it is a lot better like this haha.

This version was what was happening locally, the old one was just caused by the in browser version.

Glad to hear you liked it!

This game is super satisfying!  The animations and audio are great!  Ended up playing till I got a score of 334; nice work!

Hey we did!  Yeah, your game had really tight controls and way better visuals, haha.  Also really liked the audio on yours!

Some of the physics was a little less than intentional :P.  Issues with a short timeline, haha.  At least it was the fun kind of physics bug!