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most likey soon. im currently upsacling all the FMV sequences for the game with a.i software. im almost done but i have no idea when the devs are gonna add them into the game.

Hey just played alpha 1.7 and I love it! even made an account just to leave a comment. I do have some suggestions to improve gameplay and the environment:

  • adding "god rays" to outdoor windows to make the halls have more atmosphere
  • animations for opening doors (one when walking normally or idle and panicking one when running towards a door)
  • being able to stun saiko by whacking her with a door
  • randomly give the player and option to push saiko just before the QTE happens
  • being able to lock saiko in a bathroom stall or locker for a small about of time before she breaks the lock.

I have more but I feel there a bit too ambitious or there a bit to overpowered. let me know if you wan to hear more.