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A member registered Jun 05, 2017

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good for some quick fun but doesn't really have much to do

nice concept, but there doesn't seem to be much depth to it

are there any plans to still update this game? it seems like there hasn't been an update in over a year

definitely a fun little game, but i can't say the idle tag is fitting here

you forgot to update the gif :P

also are there any plans to still actually have some new versions around sometime soon? i haven't been playing all these repeats anymore because seeing the new versions was what made it fun for me

may as well drop a score for this one before it's gone too

300 lines

(1 edit)

yeah, that's why it's a late score :P

also, would be nice to actually see some new versions again, that's what made it fun to actually check back here every week

late score, but here is one:

261 lines

no problem c:

nice game, but the idle tag is definitely misplaced here

being good at tetris c:

i'll drop a score again this week

594.1 lines

died by hold on this one

127 lines

this one is still super laggy :c

but even with that, 174.5

i'll drop an early score this time

76 lines

just a heads up, you forgot to change the gif

this one pretty much ended up being "make O pieces" cause I pieces were unreliable

56 lines

time to throw in my score for this week c:

122 lines

almost completely forgot to check in this week, and this sure was a tough one to play, rotations get really fast once you go past 100 lines

still managed to squeeze out a score of 138 tho

throwing down a score for this week now

133 lines

(1 edit)

here you go 

as you can see the bit of the T piece that was sticking out the top of the field remains there, not solid

it certainly works a lot better now, the only thing that bugs out a little now is pieces sticking out of the top when a line gets cleared

(1 edit)

just tried this version and definitely noticed that, there seem to be quite a few cases where cells don't get cleared out properly, making it quite difficult to see what's solid and what isn't
certainly do like the idea of this though, so would be nice if that problem got fixed c:

last day score for me this time c:

144 lines

one score from me

110 lines

it would be nice if we could see some new versions again soon, the reruns are getting kinda boring if i'm being honest

i'll throw a score at this one c:

780 lines

well i won't have to try then, i know i can't beat that

i got an idea for you, and while it's not exactly new, it could be fun to see how you handle it.
basically tetris on a hexagonal board instead of a square one

here's an example of how such a board could work:

(also you typo'd my score on the no touch 2 version)

went ahead and set a score for this week

394 lines

1: use only the top 8 lines
2: be fast
3: don't fuck up

also i went ahead and set a good score on this version

1071 lines

combos are still broken on this version, it's not going above 1 at all

saw i had to up my game, so..

239 lines

i don't think i have yet this time, will let you know if that pops up

random deaths still happen on this version

68 lines before it happened on hold

new week, new version, new score

starting off strong with 539

ah i see. i think you didn't fully understand what i said there then, the idea was to just have that water effect, but have it placed randomly on one piece out of every set of 7. still nice that the fragile version came out of it though c:

this time a good score at a more reasonable time :P

139 lines

better late than never right? i also still have a video for the tetrible before that one which i still have to process, i can be slow sometimes ^^;

also, was kinda curious if you had seen the new idea i had thrown at you like 2 weeks ago, since you never actually responded to said idea

managed to still beat the previous version's score :D

402 lines for fragile tetrible