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Nick Barber

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Hey, its been a while since i've worked on this project, and chapter 2 and 3 kinda fell to the wayside. I have everything still planned out, but if i come back to this project ill likely start from scratch. As it stands this is kind of a first shot at something i plan on making a bit better next time around :) 

Hmm, dang i cant remember and it looks like i didn't save it. it was a mix of three fonts. Here is a transparent logo if that helps

Afaik the rift should work if you are using steam vr, but I haven't gotten the chance to test it.

Sorry for the wait! its up now.

We are working on it! Check back next week.

Adorable. Love the toungs. How was that made?

Hey thanks! Glad you liked the game. Also looks like you broke one of the puzzles around 5:00, i'll patch that reall quick lol.