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Phil Nicholson

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Hey Marco, fun game! While I never really figured out where I wanted to go, I think the movement feels great. Some things that could improve: please have a background for the instructions so they're easier to read. If you can, let the player out of the locked box to test the controls in a safe environment before playing for real. I got to shoot but couldn't practice movement. Also, I had trouble understanding when I could shoot again. Am I waiting for a timer? Picking up missed shots? I wasn't sure. Overall, I think that the feeling of really boosting up has a great sense of speed!

So relaxing!

Just finished the whole video. Your play through was fun to watch! Thanks for checking it out and showing everyone

Very cute! Great style and it was fun getting the hang of it.  The mouse was a great reward at the end!

Loved the crumpled enemy animation. Nice game!

Nice! Great character design

All the pieces shaking around are so satisfying! 

19 on my first try. I was surprised how quickly I could pick up some of the orders! Great music. Great visuals. Great music and sounds. Really enjoyed it!

This turns into one heck of a laser light show!