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A member registered Mar 31, 2020

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Nice game!  are you planning to release a new game?

After playing a while I like the concept of a FPS with some tactics and a big map to explore. I understand that is a prototype and you need to keep working so I will keep an eye on the progression!.  

Surely I  will recommend it to some friends, in the other hand I like the idea of controlling an army but I miss some progression in the soldiers, and also more enemies, like a fast enemy.... 

About the hordes I will like to see them more disperse instead of coming in a line, not sure how you can solve it, but I think it will feel much more interesting if the zombies comes from everywhere!

Keep working, this looks pretty nice!

First congrats for achieving the kick starter!

 I will try it for sure it looks interesting.

I have played some time and I will send feedback with some cool ideas I have! Thanks.

This game is an awesome tool to explain pandemics,  great job!

I was eager to play the new Mount and Blade but the price is too high, anyway this looks promising, I will post a more detailed review when I can play it more time.

Monsters and gore nice combo, I like it

Love it, I will need more time to master it, good job!