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Thanks for playing. A more balanced version will be released soon along with some bug fix's. Thanks for your feedback.

wait for 0.1.5 something may very well be creeping through the window

hahahahhaahhahahhahahahha haha. Josh please make game good ya scrub

Wow, I was wrong. There are a lot of little unexplained details that lead the reader (me) to quickly build some assumptions to what was going on, I think that is really clever for such a short little experience. Well done.

Loved being able to absolutely demolish the good guys with the cure bottle. Very fun

This was a really cool experience, Loved the song and all the scenes were amazing. especially the ship fleet :)

One of the best short games I've ever played. One small concept but done right, if I could rate more than 5 stars I would

Really cool little art game, the screen effects are awesome!

Hey, thanks for playing. I would love to improve the sound as it's the element that's most lacking. As for the falling off the side of the map, I'm sorry but thank you I will fix that bug right away. Also It's a painting you can't win, beat or finish it :P. explore until you have had enough.

This is such a great game, short but sweet and really fun to play. I ended up playing it for 20-30 min. perfect sound, perfect visuals, perfect controls. well done!

Such a great little experience that most can relate to, I really enjoyed this.

Ohh man, we didn't even know about Dark echo (it Looks Amazing). Thank you btw, and yes it was only 40 hours with the majority of only 1 dev.

Really fast paced and great sound choice. got some brief errors at the beginning where the world wasn't showing up. possibly check in which order your codes are running. brilliant concept tho.