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Nice Penguins

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Hey thank you !

hey thank you !

The more activities you do the more rest you will need. Since it's an old demo, the main mecanics will be different in the main game (like less statistics about the character like stress)

Hey thank you !

The development of the game will be resuming soon. We hope to communicate soon about it, stay tuned!

Great game!

I found my first forbidden knowledge in Room 2, then wasn't finding the code for the padlock. So i manage to translate the messages with the fews hints and found out the code wasn't in there x) 

Made a small donation for your awesome weird games!

Yeah, same here!

It was nice :)

Merci beaucoup à toi pour ton soutien ! 
Pour le moment le jeu est encore en cours de développement, nous allons bientôt rentrer en recherche d'éditeurs pour le terminer et le commercialiser.

Hey thank you a lot ! It means a lot to us :)

 We are still working on it, but we are not sure when it'll come out for now.

Hey, thank you for your feedback :)

Hey thank you ! Sadly the video is no longer available :/

Hey ! Thank you :) We are working on it !

Bien joué pour votre premier jeu :) C'était plaisant !

Continuez comme ça ;)

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Thank you for your message, it's encourages us!

Sorry for your uncle :/

The Space Dandy reference made me laugh xD

Hey, yes this is a demo.

The game is still in development, there's no price for the moment.

You can follow updates here :D

Hey, yes this is a demo.

The game is still in development, you can follow updates here :D

Thank you Jogaloca ;)

EN = English and FR = French :)

Hey, thank you for your support :)