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Yes, samples would be extremely helpful. It can sometimes be really hard to determine the correct settings for tile passages especially. A lot of other tile artists either include sample maps or game files with the passages preset to work with.

Hi Winlu, I was wondering if your Exterior and Interior tiles come with premade map templates as shown in your previews or at least premade game files with the tile passages saved. 

If I can but in, how about something like this? Minus the strip club parts, since you'd rather not do it. How about just night club stuff? I think it'd go well with your two other Casino tile sets.

Can I suggest a sequel to this tile pack with more hotel furniture ? Like more group coaches for guests within the casino areas, round tables, and stuff like that? The tile set is amazing, but aside from the single person chairs, there doesn't seem to be much for characters/NPCs to lounge around in.

I too would be willing to pay for this. 

Hello, Winlu. Do you ever plan on releasing sample projects with premade maps, like the one shown here? It would be a great reference to map creators to work around, especially when setting up tile passages.

Maybe stuff like animated cars, underground subway tiles, subway trains, or perhaps much larger city buildings. What about a more future-like city that isn't exactly cyberpunk?

Hi KR, have you thought about making tiles for a more urban city or something with more larger buildings?