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Really neat little idea! Every element fits well to tell this creepy story. 

Really great atmosphere in this game :3

I really enjoyed it and the way it ended was really clever. 

You absolutely deserve this! More people need to play Obscura.

I really really love what I've seen so far. Got best end on Keir route <3 The writing is really strong in this one, and the art and music complements the story so well. While playing I was always curious how it will continue. The setting is interesting and gives each character an intriguing background. How did they end up here? How will the MC be entangled with them? What kind of world are we exploring in Obscura? I'm really looking forward to the continuation of this! 

The presentation through the art, the ui, the character bio and the itch io page itself is so well done! The MC is also relatable, going through the struggle of following a passion and having to face reality at a job fair. The length of the mini demo makes it a bit hard to grasp what to think about the male characters though. Nonetheless, I'm intrigued! 

This was so well written, but also well staged/directed! The atmosphere, how to bring the characters emotions across through art, music and effects from the game itself was really well done. Absolutely looking forward to more games! 

Awww maaan, I felt every moment of tension and fear this loving family had to go through. Really great job on conveying that. 

If you like fantasy adventures and watching a romance between adults who have their shit together, but still have their flaws and learn from each other through their relationship, this is the game for you. Yrsa and Uribel are soooo cuuuuuute together!

The immersion in this game is strong. Be it the chatter of the streets in Tokyo, the sounds of nature at night and the detailed backgrounds, most of them with some animation, to make the world feel more alive. I can definitely recommend it! The effort put into this VN is very obvious.  

Man, such a wacky cast of characters! I enjoyed their interactions plenty and please, for anyone reading, replay and see what the other choices do! Every part of the game, be it, writing, art, coding, voice acting, music, ect. made the characters and the story much more alive. I'm looking forward how you will develop this further, as you got me to love characters who are the worst.... In the best and entertaining way possible. 

I downloaded the version of today and it works fine for my laptop with windows 10 on it. 

This is a short and cute VN! Perfect for someone, who needed a little bit of fluff today! I also went back and played through it again to see the other end and CG. It just made me wish this couple the best for the future and I am looking forward to your future projects!

This was a very pleasant time I had with this wonderful game. I started to care about these charming characters a lot and dear lord, was I happy about the ending I got. Each element of the game immersed me so much into the story, be it the music, the art, the writing, the voice acting, ect., just everything fit well together as the right puzzle pieces. Thank you so much for creating this! 

Thank you so much for your kind comment! I do hope to have more progress that I can actually show soon. Comments like these really motivate me to keep going.

Thank you very much for your kind comment! It means a lot to me that you like the art, the characters and the game overall! I finally found time to work on this in November, so I hope I can update it soon! PS: If you have any other feedback, as pace of the story or parts that confused, please don't hesitate to tell me.

It has a well-made beginning, that makes you curious about how the story and the mystery is going to unfold. I found myself easily charmed by the characters. I also thought that the sprites fit the science-fiction theme and the 3D backgrounds. Even the music was well chosen. Naturally, one would have wished for more expressions, but some compromises have to be made for every game jam. Even though it's a whole new world that the player is put into, I never thought there was too much information dumped on me, and I could still follow the story. I also hope that the team continues this project, as I want see more of this!

Thank you so much! It means so much to me that you like the characters! Definitely motivates to work more on this. Will keep you up to date, when I get another version out.