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J’aime bien cette façon minimaliste mais efficace de traiter le thème, la manière dont l’espace se réduit progressivement…et d’autres petites subtilités!

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this awesome project! I am impressed !

Nice first game. Special mention for the minigame and for the musics. Look forward to it!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

J’aime bien le côté minimaliste (même pour un jeu bitsy), et l’atmosphère relaxante et mystérieuse à la fois!

Cute overload ;) !

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Cool, merci! Ravi qu’il t’ait plu! Au cas ou le développement sur Gameboy t’intéresse, je te recommande le très bon GBStudio :


J’ai passé plus d’une minute à chiller et à canapiser devant cette vignette. (ou alors c’était une journée je ne sais plus). Etrangement, j’ai envie d’acheter un canapé maintenant. Un grand.

C’est comme Street Fighter en mieux! Non, sérieusement, très belle expérience, bravo!

Great feature ! I will probably use it for the game that I develop for a birth announcement (coming soon) =D!

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Je hais le rangement, surtout chez les autres, (en général ils ont une logique différente de la mienne, qui est pourtant la seule valable dans le monde). Mais j’ai quand même apprécié, surtout la narration et le dépaysement! =D


1378! J'ai pris un pied monstre! Vivement les DLCs!

Coin coin! Mention particulière pour ce boss épique. J'ai de nouveau foi en l'humanité. coin coin!

Thank you, glad you like it! =D

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Good job! I enjoyed playing it, and the game boy style is well-rendered!

+1 For the intro scene and the cover design ^^

So cuuute! 

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interesting, but I was not able to enact button on the ground , and I fall in a blue screen of death to the right of screen! Do I miss something?

Good! The coop with the two characters is nice! Difficulty is progressive and well dosed.

Nice concept! 

I just remark some (intentionally ?) bugs on collisions with walls (mouses can go outside walls)

Great! I love it! 5 stars!

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OK, about too small item pickups , you are the second person telling me that, so It will be changed in a post-jam update.

I will also change the sprite sheet for something totally custom;)

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Absolutely!  Sprites are from Mystic Quest, aka Final Fantasy Adventure, aka Seiken Densetsu, as mentionned in credits on itch game page and in game!

 That is my favorite game boy game! I encourage you to play it. (I personally enjoyed it more than zelda links awakening)

Really Nice. I like the way you deal with the limitation!

Cool Game!

I did not play "Detroit become human", but I enjoy the universe.

I  noticed that the player moves faster after the second run. Is it intentionnal?

Glad you liked it! 

Yes,  I have initially planned two alternative end games, but time ran out!

Glad you liked it!  I also have fun hiding all those secrets in the town!

Hi! Thank you for playing. 

For the item sprite, I wanted it not to be too obvious... but I may have exaggerated a bit!




Cool! I get stuck, too... but cool =D

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 Yes, I understand! Tthere is sometimes a bit of injustice on this point. I could adapt the position of some elements to avoid that! Thanks for the feedback! =D

Supercool! For less than three days of work, I am impressed by the quality of this game!

Thanks for your answer, I understood that something was wrong, because I cant see any monsters and chrono was stuck to 99 (see pict)

Maybe I had a too early version, because when I downloaded the files again, all was fine, and I was able to start (and finish the game) now :D

Très sympa, très frais ;) avec une ambiance bien rendue! Mention spéciale à l'humour omniprésent! (l'action "insult" pendant les combats, les petits détails dans les décors ^^ ) =D

The atmosphere of the old RPGs is nice! I appreciated the humour :D , but I finally got stuck in the room with the pickles :/

Hi! I really like the pixel art of the first screen, but what is the player supposed to do? I have activated the 3 levers, the boxes are falling, and ... nothing. Maybe I missed something?

Nice! Difficulty is well measured! I enjoyed playing it!

Thank you! Chaotic, I take this for a compliment, hehe!  =D

Nice game and cool concept! Congratulations!

Hey! Thank you for playing ! Glad if you have fun!