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Cool! I get stuck, too... but cool =D

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 Yes, I understand! Tthere is sometimes a bit of injustice on this point. I could adapt the position of some elements to avoid that! Thanks for the feedback! =D

Supercool! For less than three days of work, I am impressed by the quality of this game!

Thanks for your answer, I understood that something was wrong, because I cant see any monsters and chrono was stuck to 99 (see pict)

Maybe I had a too early version, because when I downloaded the files again, all was fine, and I was able to start (and finish the game) now :D

Très sympa, très frais ;) avec une ambiance bien rendue! Mention spéciale à l'humour omniprésent! (l'action "insult" pendant les combats, les petits détails dans les décors ^^ ) =D

The atmosphere of the old RPGs is nice! I appreciated the humour :D , but I finally got stuck in the room with the pickles :/

Hi! I really like the pixel art of the first screen, but what is the player supposed to do? I have activated the 3 levers, the boxes are falling, and ... nothing. Maybe I missed something?

Nice! Difficulty is well measured! I enjoyed playing it!

Thank you! Chaotic, I take this for a compliment, hehe!  =D

Nice game and cool concept! Congratulations!

Hey! Thank you for playing ! Glad if you have fun!

"made this game instead of doing my homework" ->bad boy! :D

Simple but  interesting game!

Thanks! I used them! (I probably under used) . of course I credit you ;) 

Good job!  It's interesting to have a game on "elements"  with this meaning , for once!


Cute game ! in keeping with the theme!

Funny, but the program seems to freeze when I finish the first level!

Nice! I like the atmosphere and the humour! I also like the idea to be the last radioactivity barrel on earth ^^. 


I  use one of your track for a little game in a mini-jam :

Project page  here :

I mention you on credits  title ^^ .

Wark ! Nice work! 

You are welcome! (I have tried to update my driver, but it does not help. I will try on another machine if I can)

Arg! I get an error message  when I try to launch the .exe: "Your system's graphic drivers seem not no support OpenGL 3.3 / OpenGL ES 3.0, sorry :(
Godot will autodestruct as soon as you acknowledge this error message."

Hi Copyoflegos and thank you for your detailed feedback!

I am glad that you enjoy the idea.  As you said, the time span was very short and there are a lot of improvments

 - shoot control : You can have indirect control  of the direction of the monsters shooting ; there are shooting in   the same direction that they are walking. (and they are walking in direction of the food box) =>I admit that the behaviour is a bit akward  :-/ and  that it makes the maniability hard .

- "human and monster types" ->definitively a good idea to add nex types ! And other dungeons room, too !

- "when you hold forward into a wall you can't go left or right" ->  yes. I agree it should be an easy fix !

If you like music and art, you can find the artists in the credits/game over title and direct links here :

I would love to find some time to improve that ! Maybe this week-end ! ;D

Yeah, I  get the triple shot! Good job for a first time!


I think you forget something in the files package, when I launch thedevilsgame.exe, I get this message :

"Application folder:
D:/GameMaker/minijam13-villains/Devils game final build
There should be 'thedevilsgame_Data'
folder next to the executable"

Good luck for your first game, and have fun! =D

Thank you for feedback ! Feel free to make improvments suggestions !

Nice ultra-minimalist RPG ! with a touch of humour XD.


Ce jeu a profané la sépulture de mes souvenirs d'enfance. Et j'ai aimé ça.


Tu es un grand malade (c'est un compliment, hein?)

J'ai tellement envie de voir sortir d'autres épisodes/spin-off/reboot/presquelles/produits dérivés ;-)